Next to our weekly runs we organize  a wide variety of events during the year. All of these events highlight the good vibes in the crew. The willingness to organize events, help out and joining events outside of the regular runs.

Some examples are


Whoever signs up will be assigned a random running buddy. One rides the bike while the other one runs. They can switch whenever they want! They will receive a stamp card that allows them to get a beer at five different Amsterdam Breweries.

This combines the three best things in life: running, beer and getting to know new people!

The 2020 edition was cancelled because of COVID-19. Hopefully we will be able to have the 2021 edition!



"When you're not running, you're cheering" is of one the things that makes our crew the way it is. We consist out of dedicated people that will help each other when possible. May it be through training together, pacing someone in a race and CHEERING them during race!

You'll see us at all the big races in the Netherlands such as CPC in The Hague, Rotterdam Marathon, Amsterdam Marathon and more. You'll also see us at races abroad where we're running!


Beermile & BBQ

The Beermile is a Running Junkies tradition and an event that nowadays has her own World Championship. Every year in the summer we organize the Beer Mile together with a BBQ. 

The 2020 edition was cancelled because of COVID-19. Fingers crossed for a new edition in 2021!


Training Camp

Every year during the last weekend of August our Training Camp takes place. Every year at a different location which is only revealed just before departure. From Friday till Sunday the weekend is filled with running, games, eating and just a lot of fun. Each year about 50-60 Running Junkies join the weekend and it's one of the highlights of the year! This event is invite-only